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The Lawn Soaker DIY Lawn Sprinkler Kit

Lawn 1Are you lamenting the thought of spending thousands of dollars to hire a sprinkler subcontractor to install your new underground sprinkler system? Are you worried about time it will take them and what your lawn will look like after they dig it up? What happens if it doesn’t work the way you want?

These are all valid concerns and the genius behind the development of our NEW Do-it-yourself Lawn Soaker Sprinkler Kit! The Lawn Soaker is less than 1/10th the cost of a traditional underground sprinkler system and YOU can design and install it yourself on a Saturday afternoon!

The Lawn Soaker doesn’t require any heavy dredging or trenching equipment in fact you only need a flat shovel, box cutter, and 5/16” box wrench which you probably have in your shed and toolbox already.

Installing a PVC underground sprinkler system is a huge undertaking as you need to rent a noisy trenching machine, figure out complex piping, back flow issues, and sprinkler valves and electronics. By comparison, the Lawn Soaker DIY Sprinkler Kits are engineered to install easily, just 1.5” under the surface of your lawn. Simply cut a line with your flat shovel and “step” the Lawn Soaker tubing into place!
Lawn 2Low cost and easy to install, seems too good to be true? For peace of mind the Lawn Soaker is backed by our 5-year warranty good luck getting that from your sprinkler subcontractor!

Simply put, the Lawn Soaker is easier, faster, and cheaper then any other in-ground sprinkler system and the only one backed with a 5-year warranty. Our kits include everything you need to design and install a worry free sprinkler system that will work with any lawn or garden!

Please Contact Our Representatives for more information at 877-224-4899

Steps To Installing Our Do-It-Yourself Lawn Irrigation Systems

  1. Size Up Yard
    The first step to getting the proper irrigation system is to measure your yard or the area that you want to keep green. You will need a tape measure to do this step.Our systems can comver up to 4500 square feet.
  2. Test Your Water Output
    Our systems use water directly from your faucets, so you will want to make sure your faucet has enough water pressure to supply the desired area or if you need to break area up into smaller portions.
  3. Make a Sketch
    A rough drawing will do, but it’s best to have a plan of where you would like the faucet heads to be placed. You can figure out zones and where overlap areas are going to occur.
  4. Select the Proper Kit
    Our kits can be customized to your specific needs, just call one of our specialists at (877) 224-4899 with your desired needs and we’ll help you right now.
  5. Installation
    We make our kits easy to install. You should be able to do it as a weekend project. There are detailed instructions included with your purchase, but here are the basics.
  6. Relax and enjoy your wonderful green yard.
    Relax and enjoy your green grass.

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